Who we are

Mondial Color manufactures coating products. And it does so with accuracy and attention to detail. It deals with small and large industries alike, and believes that developing an ad hoc product is not a drawback for the company, but rather an opportunity to be seized, and it often innovates entire production processes.




Why choose us



Mondial Color’s main objective is the quality of its products, their performance always brought to the highest levels. This is the result of the high quality of all raw materials, a rich and consolidated know-how, investments on personnel, infrastructure and research and development. But above all, this is the result of the desire to never accept quality compromises.


Professional advice

Mondial Color offers professional advice not only to develop dedicated products, but also to supervise and redefine processes and painting lines. The company’s expertise covers all the issues related to the sector and is defined by a know-how developed over time, continuous research, and extensive background in many sectors.



The development of ad hoc products, for small quantities and very specific applications, is one of the salient factors in Mondial Color’s production. Flexibility and open-mindedness, continuous research in heterogeneous sectors and the company’s large knowledge capital make the difference and permit high level of product customisation.



Speed is one of the strengths for which Mondial Color has become known in the market. Thanks to continuous selections of system and constant investment in human capital, new technologies and equipment, the company can answer in real time to all its customers’ requests.