Research and development

Special coatings

We are costantly committed to researching and developing new products to satisfy any specific requests of customers who need efficient and effective solutions for their production cycles.

Thanks to our highly qualified and trained technicians of the in-house laboratory team, we design, produce and test coating solutions that guarantee a very high performance.

Product customization and development of tailored solutions distinguish us from other companies on the market. We follow our customers each ste of the way: we listen and understand their needs trough targeted meetings, we develop and produce the products in mutual and costant collaboration, we reach the goal quickly in time. 

Types of tests

Our internal laboratory performs several test on coatings

Mechanical tests

  • Cross-cut adhesion test of a piant coating
  • Pull-off adhesion test of piant coating
  • Pencil hardness test
  • Gloss meter test
  • Colour test using a spectrophotometer
  • Bend test to check flexibility
  • Impact resistance test
  • Thickness measurement with non-destructive methods 


  • Conditioning at high temperatures
  • Conditioning at low temperatures (-50°C / -58°F)
  • Thermal cycles with controlled ramps

Corrosion resistance

  • Neutral salt spray
  • Exposure to humid heat with condensation
  • Resistance to water immersion

Weathering tests

  • Accelerated weathering using solar light (aic cooled xenon lamps)

Resistance to chemicals

  • Resistance to chemicals using the drop method
  • Resistance to chiemicals by immersion
  • Resistance to chiemicals by contact with a soaked cloth

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