Quality industrial paints since 1962, now part of Mondial Color SpA

Siro is a renowned brand in the industrial paint sector, with a history dating back to 1962. Founded with the aim of offering high quality solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors, Siro has quickly established itself as a reference point for the innovation and technological excellence.

The company began its business focusing on the production of industrial enamels for sectors such as bodywork, machine tools and agricultural machinery, as well as contract painting. This represented the start of constant technological research which led to the creation of the renowned tinting system Siromix ®.

The Siromix ® system has revolutionized the way industrial paints are produced and mixed, offering superior performance and greater color accuracy. Thanks to this innovation, Siro has gained the trust of industrial product retailers, becoming an official reference supplier for .

In May 2023, Siro was acquired by Mondial Color SpA , a leading company in the paints and coatings industry. This acquisition represents a significant step for Siro, offering new opportunities for growth and development under the wing of a company with a solid international presence and a reputation for reliability and innovation.

The acquisition by Mondial Color SpA will allow Siro to access new markets, invest in research and development and further improve its infrastructure and production capabilities. Despite the changes, Siro's dedication to quality, innovation and customer service will remain unchanged.

Siro continues to represent a point of reference in the industrial paint sector, now with the opportunity to grow and develop further thanks to its recent acquisition by Mondial Color SpA . Staying true to its core values, Siro is ready to face new challenges and continue to meet customer needs with high-quality products and impeccable services.

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