Mondial Color has become a Spa

Mondial Color has become a Spa.

We want to share a historic stage in the corporate journey of Mondial Color, a reality that has been continuing to mature and evolve for over 30 years to provide you with only the best.In fact, Mondial Color has grown confirming its leadership in the reference sector by transforming itself into a joint-stock company.

This, in addition to being an arrival point, is above all a starting point for the start of new ambitious projects aimed at customers because the true value of a company is their degree of satisfaction and it is to them that we sincerely thank to always be with us.

Now with the support of the people you know, in whom you have placed your precious trust over the years and who make up our indissoluble team, we want to continue to provide a service that is confirmed to be serious and efficient in line with your needs.

The close-knit group of people who make all this possible is now called Mondial Color Spa.

Date of posting: 15 May 2023

Topic: About us

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