Diamond coating

Low-thickness waterborne antifriction coating

Diamond coating

High-performances antifriction nanomaterial coating for use in harsh environments. It offers very good corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and outstanding chemical resistance. High-temperature resistant up to 450°c.

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Product information

Surface preparation

This product can be applied on all metallic substrates. It is recommended to perform anaccurate sandblasting at low incision profile (Ra<2,5-3μm) by using 60-80mesh corundum.It is possible to apply the coating over chemical conversion coatings (e.g. Mn PCC). Theproduct must be applied strictly on dry surfaces, clean, perfectly free of oil, grease, dust,moisture or other contaminants. It is mandatory to provide a through cleaning of the surfacebefore applying the product, as waterborne products are universally known to not be ableto adhere on contaminated surfaces.

Application Methods

Spray. We recommend you a spray application using manual spray gun.

Application instructions


  • Nozzle diameter (mm) 1,0÷1,5
  • Product pressure (Atm) 0,5÷1,0
  • Air pressure 2,0÷4,0


  • Pressure ratio 
  • Nozzle diameter (inch) 
  • Product pressure (Atm) 

Technical Data

  • Mechanism of hardening Heat curing
  • Specific weight (kg / l) * 1,265 (±8%)
  • Volume solids (%) * 38,1 (±1%)
  • Medium dry film thickness (microns) 20
  • Correspondence wet film thickness (microns) 52
  • Yield to the average or recommended thickness (m2 / kg) * 15,07
  • Consumption at the average or recommended thickness (Kg / m2) * 0,07
  • Hard dry at 180 ° C (minutes) 20
  • Max. nominal continuous service temperature (° C) 350
  • Max peak temperature (° C) 450
  • Mixing ratio by weight 27%
  • Thinner Water
  • Pot life at 25°C (hours) 2
  • Aspect of the film matt
  • Color On request

Additional information

This is a two-component product. Before mixing the two components it is recommended tohomogenize the component possibly with agitator and shake vigorously, possibly withoutopening, the packaging of component b. After mixing and addition of appropriate thinner,agitation should be continued until it became homogeneous. In order to use the correct mixratio, necessary to obtain the best results, we recommend to catalyse only entire packs. Incase you want to use only a portion of the pack, you should equip with adequate precisionscale for catalysis by weight and appropriate sized containers for catalysis by volume. Thetemperature of the surface to be treated must be at least 3° C higher than dew point. If thiscondition is not met the resulting condensation, not always visible, may easily lead tophenomena of non-adherence. This product must be oven-cured at a minimumtemperature of 180°C. Before applying the heat treatment it is mandatory to let the coatingdry in air at ambient temperature for 20 minutes. If this procedure is not performed,alterations in the aesthetic of the coating can occur.

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